Our Commitment

From the outset when clients first decide to make contact with Brookfield Home Care Services you can be assured of a first class knowledgeable service someone who will treat you as an individual and who will always respect your wishes and try and meet your needs.

Following the initial contact we will arrange for someone to call out to your home and discuss your requirements with you and your family.

During this discussion we will try and gather as much relevant information as possible whilst at the same time respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

Following this discussion and an assessment of your home environment we will be able to put in place a detailed plan of care and/or support which can be tailored to suit your own unique needs and requirements. Once this plan is in place it can be changed and amended at any time should your wishes or needs change. All such changes will always be following discussions with you to ensure you are in control of the type and way in care and support of is offered in your own home.

We will constantly monitor the appropriateness of the plan that is in place for your care through open and transparent reporting lines between our care staff and the service coordinator, this same constant contact provision is also available to you and your family should you feel a need to contact us discuss the care you are receiving or if you feel we need to change anything we do for you.