In the event of an emergency, the Home’s policy is to inform the next of kin only, as recorded on a resident’s file. It is therefore essential that relatives keep us informed of any changes to these details. Where there are several relatives, it would be helpful if one family member is the contact person, who can share information with their siblings/family members.

For residents who are unable to attend to their own mail, their designated visiting relative(s) are asked to check each time they visit if any mail has been received, at the office. For those who are unable to visit regularly, may we suggest that you make arrangements for mail to be redirected?

As visitors walk around the Home following the first few weeks of admission, we do ask if you can take the time to read the various notices regarding fire.

evacuation procedures and pay attention to the location and direction of fire escape routes in relation to a resident’s room, etc. A test of the fire alarms throughout the building will be carried out every Thursday at 11am.