Thera - Vital Trainer

The Thera -Vital Trainer is one of the most advanced pieces of active and passive therapy exercise equipment on the market.

With its advanced features the Thera-Vital Trainer is suitable for use with Stroke sufferers, Multiple Sclorosis, Spinal Injuries or generally for individuals who suffer from reduced mobility and movements.

The Thera-Vital Trainer is an active-passive therapy trainer which allows users to exercise even if they are wheelchair bound and have limited movement of joints of both upper and lower limbs or a combination of both.

Whilst the user is exercising the Therapist is able to monitor the users individual limb movements and strength by using the Thera-Vital’s built in software and during operation the passive effects of the equipment can be adjusted to a lessor or greater degree.

Once the user’s session is complete the therapist can assess the information gathered by the Thera-Vital which will allow a more detailed and person specific plan to be implemented for future sessions in order to give individual users the best benefits from the equipment. The Thera-Vital Exercise Equipment can assist with the following:


Exercising programmes for patients with neurological conditions, e.g. Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease.


Exercising programmes for orthopaedic patients, e.g. following a knee or Hip operation…


Exercising programmes for cardio-vascular patients whose heart rate must be kept below a certain limit. In Cardio exercising mode a heart rate limit can be set in order that the resistance from the equipment will reduce once the limit is achieved.


This exercising program is suitable for patients with co-ordination difficulties. A required speed rotation is set that is then held constant by the Thera-Vital throughout the entire exercising session. The user can then make a physical effort by pushing the pedals without having to co-ordinate the effort with the speed of rotation.